Back or not?

Hi, I just noticed it’s almost 2 years ago I wrote something on here… this site was the result of something that started as a joke between ONL Bart, Jan ON4KB and me.
After a while some of us got tired of updating our sites and when Jan stopped his site I had so many links to update that I got discouraged. Most of these faulty links are still on this site and if I ever find the time I’ll correct/remove them one by one.

Speaking of time, the K2 I worked on so frequently is now gathering dust since about 2 years (the main unit is finished and working, the SSB module is halfway built).

In these 2 years the relationship with my girlfriend grew stronger and stronger (life changes…) and I also took up sporting more and more. (Have a look at the picture, yes I bought a new bike and I still need to lose some weight)

This combined with the company I try to run gives me less and less time for ham radio.

But don’t worry, I’ll be back! Together with some other Ham’s we are
working on a DXpedition to a rare IOTA island planned for the first half of next year!

  • Thanks to all for your worries about my health and safety. I got something new to go biking:bullet proof vest
    (no not the girl, you perverts, the vest, the vest!). But now that I have lost some weight myself I have to wear 20 kilos of body armour to ride my bike? Give me a break.
  • A few days after the remark on the (now defunct) blog of Jan ON4KB, I couldn’t stand it any more and so, a few minutes ago I installed Thunderbird version I still have to look deeper into it but it looks promising! I have found a bug though! In the settings you can tell THB what to do when downloading certain files. Changes can be done without problem but when you try to erase one line all lines are gone. As soon as I finish this post on I’ll write a small email to the developers.
  • As some of you may have noticed, the utility to see who’s linking to my site was removed. A few days ago there was some bug in it which messed up my entire layout. And, of course, the Bartman and Jan were the first to notice it and to make a lot of fun about it…
  • Finally one more thing. Frank ON4KZ (sorry, no link, he prefers to criticise other guys’ sites instead of making his own…) made the remark that the picture of my shack still shows ‘censored’ after many months. Don’t worry Frank, I’ll be back on the air very soon now. First I need to get the tower back up and then I’ll get the shack up and running again. Still need some guys to do the climbing, I’m sure you’ll come over to do that for me, won’t you Frank?