2003: IOTA Contest EU058

july 2003

IOTA contest expedition

Île Sainte-Marguerite EU058

with Christophe ON6NN

callsign used during the contest: F/ON5MF/P

There still seem to be some of you who haven’t received the qsl-cards they deserved for this expedition. Normally all cards have been sent out but if you still haven’t got a reply, please let me know via the reply field at the bottom of this page!

Christophe ON6NN with all our gear waiting for the boat that will bring us to the island.

Four band (10-15-20-40m) quarter wave vertical made by Fritzel

Four band (10-15-20-40m) vertical (open sleeve) made by ON6NN

feed point of our VERY low 80m dipole (only about 7 m high)

Christophe and me (on the left) with the ‘award’ left by ON5FP and ON6NN on a former dxpedition to this island

Detailed picture of the above mentionned award.

Our operating position. Yes we operated outside for the entire expedition!

Christophe working the pileup. As you can see we had no computer logging (our biggest mistake…)

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