My QSLinfo

Via bureau please!

The UBA QSL-bureau works very well so this is by far my preferred QSL-method.

If you really can’t wait : QSL direct is also possible via

Jurgen Geldhof
Kasteelhofstraat 1
8890 Moorslede

You can call me oldfashioned but I do not QSL via E-qsl or LOTW, I like receiving and collecting good old traditional QSL-Cards! (we don’t make virtual qso’s do we?)

My actual QSL card

Photo of Saturn taken by Johan ON3JC (Tnx!)


One of my old callsigns


Special prefix in the honour of the birth op Princess Elisabeth


QSL from the expedition to EU058

Normally all direct requests have been answered, all other cards have been sent via bureau.

If you still have a contact which has not been confirmed, please let me know via email and I’ll send you the card.


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  1. This page must have slipped my attention, links were still broken from last time…

    Tnx Jan!

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