2004: IOTA Contest EU103

july 2004

IOTA contest expedition

Little Saltee Island EU103

callsign used during the contest: EJ4F

Operators:Ian EI7CX, Kristof ON6NN, Jan EI9JN, Declan EI9HQ, Sean EI4GK, Joe EI7GY and myself

Are you sure this boat can handle all our gear?

The landing spot on the island

It was a looong walk up to the spot where we wanted to set up camp… and this was the only possible transportation on the island.

Part of our camp and a view on Greater Saltee Island

The island was not completely inhabited…

The ‘shack’

Our power plant

Setting up a delta loop

ON6NN’s new version of his 4 band open sleeve vertical. To be honest, it didn’t work half as well as the one we used on EU058 last year.

As conditions were pretty poor we were happy to have some good CW operators

Christophe ON6NN on 40 SSB

The complete crew just before the contest.
Back row: Ian EI7CX, Kristof ON6NN, Jan EI9JN, Jurgen ON5MF
Seated: Declan EI9HQ, Sean EI4GK, Joe EI7GY

Sunset over the mainland

Time to leave, the first load of gear going back to the boat

Pictures: EI7GY and ON5MF

For an other album see: IOTA 2004 – EJ4F

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