Not even 12 hrs after my last post I already got the following comment through the form (left hand side of this page):

   Being shot at????
   Attacked by a dog???
   Details please!!!
   Plenty stuff to update your site :-))

Yes I’m fine, thanks for asking πŸ˜‰

So here’s the story, a few weeks ago I bought a new MTB (with the black frame), and, of course, like all children with new toys, now I go riding frequently.
Last week, while riding on one of the official MTB-routes near my home, a Jack Russell came and bit me repeatedly in the back of the leg. As the dog ran faster than I can ride (I still need lots of practice), I stopped my bike and defended myself. The dog came back something like 3 or 4 times and every time I kicked it. Finally the dog gave up… I don’t think it’s gonna make puppies in the first few days πŸ™‚

Now for the shooting thing… last sunday I was riding my bike on a public (paved) road when, from my left hand side, I heard someone firing a shotgun. A few fractions of a second later I heard the lead shot whistle a few meters over my head. Apparently the shooter missed because almost immediately he pulled the trigger again. And this time he didn’t miss (me). Some of the pellets hit my helmet and 2 or 3 hit me in the arm. Luckily the distance was big enough so they didn’t break my skin but they left me with a nice little bruise.

As you can guess I was not really happy so I turned the bike and went to look for the shooter(s). I found the 2 hunters at the other side of the small hill and they weren’t even aware they hit me. As I expected they didn’t believe me when I told them until I showed them the bruise. I guess their teacher never explained any ballistics to them during their hunting course. As far as I know, even when you shoot up, your bullet or shot shell comes back to the earth sooner or later…

During the discussion they even said I shouldn’t go riding on that (public) road on a nice sunny day [sigh]. Finally after I threatened to call the police they started apologizing and decided to try and hit the pigeons they were after in a safer direction.

Lesson learned from the previous post: if you want comments about your website, write something about shooting on it πŸ™‚