Back or not?

Hi, I just noticed it’s almost 2 years ago I wrote something on here… this site was the result of something that started as a joke between ONL Bart, Jan ON4KB and me.
After a while some of us got tired of updating our sites and when Jan stopped his site I had so many links to update that I got discouraged. Most of these faulty links are still on this site and if I ever find the time I’ll correct/remove them one by one.

Speaking of time, the K2 I worked on so frequently is now gathering dust since about 2 years (the main unit is finished and working, the SSB module is halfway built).

In these 2 years the relationship with my girlfriend grew stronger and stronger (life changes…) and I also took up sporting more and more. (Have a look at the picture, yes I bought a new bike and I still need to lose some weight)

This combined with the company I try to run gives me less and less time for ham radio.

But don’t worry, I’ll be back! Together with some other Ham’s we are
working on a DXpedition to a rare IOTA island planned for the first half of next year!