I doubled, even nearly tripled the number of CW QSOs in my log…

Some 18 years after I passed the Belgian 12 wpm morse exam I decided to dust of my 1995 Schurr Profi 2 and start making some CW QSO’s again. So last weekend I worked 42 stations during the IARU HF contest.

With only 33 qso in the log until last friday this more than doubled my qso number in CW 🙂

I guess it’ll take me some years before I will be contesting at the speeds I heard this weekend though… Some of those stations seemed to be working at some 3000 wpm. One station used some trick to slow down about 1 CQ-call out of 3. Probably some clever usage of the macros in N1MM?

Anyhow, I had a lot of fun and I’ll keep practicing to get my speed and accuracy up!


  • The oscilloscope card seems to work very well indeed, played a little with it in the last few days. I also borrowed an accurate frequency counter (TNX again! Luc) so I could finally finish the alignment of the whole transceiver.
    So what’s the next step? I guess I’ll have to try and make a QSO? But therefore I’ll need to set up an antenna… Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow so I can set up the 40m vertical that’s been lying in my backyard for way to long now. And, please guys, if you hear some lousy CW on 40m tomorrow, please forgive me ecause my CW is –EXTREMELY– rusty!
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