Good thing I threw my TV out of the shack
There is a new series of Big Brother being aired here in Flanders
Do they even find people to watch these things? Can’t blame those playing in it, they all try to get rich and famous. [sigh]

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe. (Albert Einstein)

Back to the K2 this weekend!

Finally some more K2-news here…

I have been looking into my K2-problem over and over and I can’t seem to find anything wrong. As I haven’t got the time nor the courage to take out and rewind the toroids I decided to order them ready made from the ToroidGuy. And, pleasant surprise, turnaround of this order is only 5 days!!! Ordered last sunday (25 feb.) the package arrived this morning! Thanks Mychael!

Now I’ll have to find the time to install them…

To be continued!

K2 measurements

Due to some health worries I haven’t looked at the K2 project the last few weeks. Upon ‘deeper’ analysis in the hospital it seemed the worries were far greater than the real trouble. I’m fine now thanks.
So today I started looking at the K2 again and I started with the homework I received from Gary AB7MY at Elecraft to try and find the causes of the spurious signals that come out of my K2 on 10 and 12m.
But, it seems my Digital Multimeter has trouble with the HF-signals. When my K2 is on transmit (on dummy load of course!) it seems to measure voltages even without the leads being attached to anything…. So I guess I’ll need a better DMM or a better dummy load?