Tonight I received some remarks via the tamtam from people that are not happy with my site:

  • the color is to green… [sigh]
    OK, so I got work to do, keep an eye on the site, maybe I’ll allow my
    honorable visitors to choose their background color.
  • it is not updated regularly enough… [sigh]
    What do you guys want? When I put some non-significant things on the site you’re not happy. When I don’t put anything on the site you’re not happy.
    For the last few days my spare time was filled by being sick (bad cold) and the days before that I was riding my new bike (remember the Polar Bear Challenge), being shot at and attacked by a dog.

I still appreciate your constructive criticism!


  • ham radio FriedrichshafenIf you haven’t made any arrangements to go to The Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen yet, the time is coming! Dates this year are June 22 to 24!
    This year I’ll be there again for the fourteenth (yes 14) year in a row! This year we will be travelling with Jan ON4KB, Tim ON5HC, Erno ON6RK and Luc ON7KZ.
  • Messed a little with the FAQ and the disclaimer pages


  • Aaaarghhhhhhhhhhh the spambots seem to have found the form on this website… another problem to look into…
    The solution is easy though… if all guys who desperately need pills to be able to perform went to see a doctor instead of buying some for the least dubious junk on-line, the spammers would’nt have any work anymore and spam would disappear.

E-mail address

Changed my contact adress. If you have your own domain name you should use it shouldn’t you? As of today my email address is [callsign]@[callsign].be, where [callsign] is MY callsign (of course). This is to prevent spambots from stealing it and using it to send spam to me later. I get more than enough spam already. For those of you who don’t understand (the non-HAM’s supposedly), you can also contact me via the form at the left hand side of every page.

And before one of you smart guys makes the remark, yes Thunderbird filters the spam very well. But the email client on my PocketPC doesn’t filter it at all… (Yes, Bill Gates again).

In a few weeks from now the old @KTK.BE address will cease to exist.


Received the following comment this morning (translated from dutch): “I just had a look at your site using MSIE6. I don’t know whether it is IE6 or your code but I saw some errors on the site. Regards, Bart
Well Bart, thanks for your comments and rest assured, it is not my code but IE6 that causes this. Have a look at the column at the left hand side of the page… And, no need to try with IE7, it has the same problem. Maybe you could try and find Bill Gates’ e-mail address and complain to him?