SO2R switchbox

I’m still working to get the station up and running for some SO2R in phone and digi. I started by looking for a way to switch audio and PTT for my 2 (oldtimer) transceivers (TS-50S and FT-990).

As a commercial controller seems to expensive to me for the moment I found a way to homebrew a *basic* switchbox myself. The layout is based on this one made by DL1IAO but with a few enhancements:

  • possibility to get PTT on 2 TRX at the same time (no, not to have 2 signals on the air at the same time but to protect one receiver from the other transmitter when both TRX are on the same band)
  • audio out of the transceivers is stereo so I keep it stereo through the interface

!!! I have not tested this yet, I’m now making the shopping list. All comments are welcome of course !!!

3 thoughts on “SO2R switchbox

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