Microjunk does it again…

After installing the update from Internet Explorer 7 to IE 8 Microsoft again made the default email client Outlook instead of Thunderbird. Although this happened in the past, this time it wasn’t as easy to solve as before.
This time everything seemed to work fine except when right-clicking a file and selecting ‘Send to Email receiver’. On one of my machines XP kept opening the email window in Outlook, on the other machine I got a window stating there was no standard email client found.

I found the solution here: www.vistatips.com

In short this is the solution:

Thunderbird must be selected as the default for mail in three (3) places:
1. Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | Set Program Access and Defaults
2. IE Tools | Internet Options | Programs | E-mail
3. In Tbird itself (e.g., Tools | Options | General)

Number 1 was clearly the solution for both machines this time…

Thanks again Micro$oft…

PS I suppose the problem is the same on Vista as on XP machines, I only use XP pro.

Before some of you smart guys send me any static about wanting to stay with Microjunk instead of Linux, my business runs on software developed on the Windows platform and that is not so easy to change, sorry.

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