PL259 made in China

Today I installed a few PL259 connectors of this type:

PL 259 Connector (picture from Wikimedia)

I should have known better… the ‘barrel’ is too long so the plugs can not be tightened on most SO239 sockets… Only 25% of the price of a ‘European-made’ (???) plug but what are they really worth?

5 days left to find a good solution before next contest (SCC RTTY Championship).

I guess I’ll have to try and file/sand off some material and see if these connectors can be saved.

Again a lesson learned!

Most of the time I use N-connectors for everything, even for frequencies below 30 MHz but of course there is still some gear that is manufactured with SO239.

=> update: I grinded down the barrel 1,5mm. Now the barrel is ok but the pin is too long… {SIGH}