SSB with the SunSDR2 pro

For those knowing me, I haven’t done a lot of SSB in the last few years. I mostly do digital with a large preference for RTTY contests.

During the month of may the UBA (Belgian Amateur Radio society) celebrated its 70th birthday and we could activate the special event callsign OT70TRA (there were about 50 OT70 stations active).

For this activation I wanted to do some SSB also and the pileups where very nice. But of course with a handmike it’s not that comfortable to rapidly enter QSOs in the log.

That’s when I decided to find my good old Heil headset with a HC4 element and connect it to the Mic1 connector. I guess I was lucky as this worked from the first try. Audio reports were very good, even without changing anything in the equalizer settings of the Pro2.