Adding the e-coder to the SunSDR

A few weeks ago I decided to add the e-coder to my SunSDR line. The e-coder is an external interface that provides a physical VFO-knob and some buttons and digital encoders to command some (programmable) functions of the SunSDR.

The advantage of the e-coder is that you can switch the programmed functions without having to move the focus from your (contest) logging software.

Apparently the e-coder was not on stock with the supplier even if his website stated otherwise. So the device had to be sent from Russia to the UK and then from the UK to my address. This took about 3 weeks.

Unfortunately the e-coder arrived today and the VFO-knob was pretty loose, it was wiggling about 5mm from one side to the other when I touched it. Whether this was caused by a poor design, by a manufacturing fault or by transport damage, I don’t know yet. I have to say the packaging the supplier sent it in was below (my) standard. A few minutes ago I received an e-mail form the supplier stating ‘Ok, send it back to us we will get it sorted’.

So I guess I’ll have to make a trip to the post office tomorrow. I wonder who’ll pay the shipping costs…

3 thoughts on “Adding the e-coder to the SunSDR

  1. It is very unfortunate the E-coder arrived in that shape and for sure that is not normal. My Sunsdrpro 2 and E-coder is waiting at the post office for me to pick it up. I will let you know how my E-coder is?

  2. Hi Mike, the parcel has left this morning. Back to the supplier. I hope to get a good E-coder soon.

  3. Update: the (fixed or replaced?) e-coder arrived back at my place a few days ago. The vfo-knob is not wiggling anymore and all seems ok now. I did a few tests an started configuring the knobs and buttons. I guess the configuration will change a few times in the future when I get some more experience on what functions I want/need and under what button.

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