ON5MF goes SDR (7)

  •  Day 9
    • after testing a few freeware or donationware VACs (Virtual Audio Cables) I finally decided to purchase Virtual Audio Cable from Fox magic software. VB-Cable worked but I couldn’t use the windows controls to set the audio levels. And we all know if you don’t watch your audio level on tx that your signal is almost certain to be overdriven.
      Installation of VAC was pretty easy, I just followed the instructions from VAC itself and it worked like a charm first try.
    • In the meantime I also installed an old computer ventilator over the heatsink of the SunSDR. With a potentiometer in the 12v line I get no noise at all but it keeps the trx a few degrees cooler. In the future I’ll probably use the thermostat feature in the trx but for now I have other things to do.
    • Even with the new version of the software I still intermittently have the tx-problem mentioned previously but this morning I got an email from Vasily that he found and corrected the bug and that he will publish a new version of the software in the next few days.
    • After setting the offset for PSK the same in ExpertSDR as in Winwarbler I was able to make my first few PSK31, PSK63 and PSK125 QSOs.
    • Setting up Commander to switch DXlab to the same mode as ExpertSDR took some experimentation but these are the settings that seem to work for me now, at least for PSK. I’ll test RTTY in the next few days.

      general-tab     psk-tab

  • Todo:
    • connect transceiver CAT to N1MM+
    • find suitable parameters for RTTY and for JT-modes
    • connect ventilator to SunSDR thermostat
    • connect Heil Pro-Set 4
    • find a suitable PA to get at least 100W
    • is it possible to make my own E-coder using an Arduino or Teensy?

One thought on “ON5MF goes SDR (7)

  1. Beste Jurgen,
    Nieuwsgierig volg ik je fratsen met de SunSDR2pro. :)))
    Ben ook nog steeds van plan mij een SDR aan te schaffen…voor mij zeer belangrijk is dat ik de radio volledig remote kan bedienen.
    Heb je al geprobeerd om via de PC te luisteren/praten of gebruik je de lokale mike?
    Qua versterkers zijn er maar enkele opties namelijk de KXPA100 van Elecraft of als je iets meer wil RMitalyHLA305V (200W).

    Alli, veel courage en misschien heb ik je nog wel es nodig voor al die VAC toestanden.



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