ON5MF goes SDR (2)

  • Day 4:
    • Switch on the radio, great there’s a contest going on, lets try to make some QSOs on 40m.
      First try, very strong station but hey, he can’t hear me. Try again a few times.
      Suddenly I notice I don’t get any power out…
      I restart the radio, I restart the software, I try the other antenna connector, I reset all parameters to default but all to no avail.
      Game over already?
    • Update: I switched off the software to write the small text above. A few minutes later I start the software again and guess what… everything works again! I’m back in the running but I can’t figure out what could have gone wrong. Time to make some more QSOs!
    • some conclusions:
      • QRP works! 🙂 Also with about 15W you can make QSO’s!
      • according to some of the stations I worked this cheap computer headset has a pretty good modulation. Maybe with a little tweaking of the equaliser I can get it even better.

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