Yes contesting sucks…

but I still have a lot of fun doing it!

Franki ON5ZO recently wrote a blog ‘Why contesting sucks’. And I can’t deny I sometimes have the same feelings during or after the contests.

For example, the reason why our clubstation lost one of the last fielddays probably was because our biggest competitor probably used his home station with huge beam antennas via remote control. Okay, it’s only a suspicion and we can’t prove it but… At least since this year the rules for our national fieldday have changed and now all internet and dx-cluster use is forbidden.

And no, I probably can’t win any big contest from my average station (when speaking about contest stations).

But hey you’ll ask, why do you keep doing it?

  • maybe because it lets me make a lot of QSO in a relatively short time?
  • maybe because it lets me reserve dedicated ham-radio time?
  • maybe because it lets me work DX without the usual band police and ‘spliiiiiiiiit’ disrupting the pileups?
  • maybe because it gives me an incredible joy to work 2 stations at the same time on 2 different bands using my modest SO2R station? (and yes, I make sure not to have 2 signals on the air at the same time)
  • maybe because the preparation for the next contest helps me NOT to watch todays most popular soap opera on TV?
  • maybe it lets me shut out all business-related stress for a short while?
  • maybe because it gets me into the ‘flow’ (see NCJ July/August 2012)?
  • maybe because it gives me something not business-related to work at and think about during the times I’m not running my business?
  • maybe I like to improve my skills and station and merely compete against myself?

Look for OQ6A in the next digicontest! (And don’t forget to work Franki OQ5M in next CW contest either!)


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