Contest selection

After examining the WA7BNM Contest Calendar for some time and after studying the rules of most of the contests I made a selection of the FOR ME most interesting contests. These were the parameters I used:

  • more than one radio allowed? I hate to watch TV when things get slow AND I own more than one radio AND I own a couple of bandpassfilters
  • 24 hrs or shorter I have a business to run, also on mondays!
  • is there a low power category? I don’t own an amp and I want to keep my neighbours happy
  • is the contest also running on saterday morning? the business interfering again!
  • is it an everyone works everyone contest? I hate to sit at a station calling only one country
  • how much activity is there in this contest? I like lots of activity

So for now the selection will be 4 or 5 out of this list (PHONE or RTTY):

Now I have to see the calendar with the YL 😉

Of course I’ll try to be active for a few hours in some other contests to test the setup of my (modest) contest station.

And before I get some static from any of you, yes I am one of those HAM’s whose CW is way to bad to use it for contesting. But I recently installed RUFZ so maybe one day?

I now have a huge TODO list before the station will be ready!

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