I finally did it… After throwing my TV out of the shack a few months ago, I recently decided to even cancel my cable TV subscription. I just came back from the post office after sending a letter via registered mail to the cable TV company. Cancelling is not as easy as getting a subscription though. It took me 3 phone calls to even get the correct snail mail address to send my letter to [sigh]. Why do all those big companies tend to hide behind their websites? Do they really think they can discourage me this way so I’ll not cancel my subscription

So please guys, don’t ask me anymore if I have seen this or that program on TV last night. I haven’t and I’m proud of it!!!!

Moreover, this now gives me approximately Euro 160/year more to spend on my different hobbies. (not nearly enough for a K3 though…)

The only thing left to do is find a new use for the old television set. Any suggestions?

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