Why its better to pretend you don't know anything about computers

Most of us have some experience with this ๐Ÿ™‚

Same goes for radios and all other kind of equipment: “Hey you’re a HAM, can you fix my television set?”

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4 thoughts on “Humour

  1. I sooo recognize that. Though it got a lot better since I switched to Linux 3-something years ago. The longer ago that is, the better I can escape from most of these interventions, claiming that I barely remember anything Windows-related. It works in many cases. And anyway, since Vista I’m at a loss as XP was my last MS-system in use.

  2. Had to install a bunch of Win7’s since last Winter. Things went pretty well, but it’s a nightmare to configure them. Plenty of stuff is now in other places, using other terminology. As a SysAdmin, it comes down to needing plenty more time to just get the same stuff done as before (things I do blindfold on XP and even on Linux).
    What’s more, I notice some Win7’s behave strangely in daily use. For the time being, I’m happy not to have one.

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