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Last updated 25.2.2007

My station

my old shack
This picture is censored because my shack is such a terrible mess for the moment...
my new shack
This is the room that will become my new shack, in the new house I'm living in since a few years

HF Rigs Yaesu FT990
Kenwood TS50S
Soon a new one, see current projects
Amplifier NONE What's the use?
Antennas 10-15-20 m 3 elt yagi (FB33) at 16 m
10-15-20 m 3 elt yagi (FB33) at 16 m
40-80 m inverted V dipoles at 15 m
12-17 m rotatable dipole at 17 m
none mounted for now, my tower is being moved from my old qth to the new one
MMTTY + soundblaster