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Last updated 25.2.2007

K2 Serial #5549

Elecraft K2 picture

Yes, this is the new toy I built! As of the beginning of december 2006, the standard version is completely assembled and aligned.

Why did I choose to build a kit you'll ask? Well, there are a few reasons:

The choice for the K2 instead of any other kit was pretty easy:

But even then I had some doubts when I had ordered my toy...: Would I ever be able to get this rig up and running or would it end with the other junk in some dark dusty corner of my attick?

Construction of the basic kit
First results

The transceiver seems to work according to specs, power output is OK on all bands, RX-sensitivity is OK as far as I can measure using the Elecraft XG2

(Semi-)professional measurements
Construction of the options

No options ordered yet, but that'll happen VERY soon, maybe, and who knows, Santa?


I didn't really encounter big difficulties while constructing this rig. The few questions and issues I had were VERY rapidly solved through the Elecraft forum (TNX guys, you're great!). The doubts I had before starting have completely disappeared and I'm already looking forward to construct another (Elecraft?)-kit.

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