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Last updated 25.2.2007

Future projects and dreams

So much to do, so little time...

Get back on the air
I have been 'on the air' very little in the last few years (see my history as a HAM) so it's time to get radioactive again! (nov. 30 2006)

As the new Elecraft K2 I'm building right now (see current projects) is basically a QRP CW rig, I suppose I'll have to learn the good ole Morse code again? (nov. 30 2006)

Options for the K2
I still have a lot of accessories for the K2 I'd like to build! Moreover after reading the Elecraft forum I got some ideas of features missing on the K2 that could maybe I could add.

There are some small kits gathering dust on my shelf for the moment, those will get assembled eventually...

Long time I haven't been on a DXPedition...