Spot analysis North America

Not in North America? Click your continent: EU NA AS SA AF OC

For now (may ’17) this software is running in Beta-test.

Calculations are done like this:

  • data is collected from the last 15 minutes of RBN
  • all dupes are removed so you only get spots from and to the selected continent. So if for example P5MF is heard in Europe by 17 skimmer stations within the last 15 minutes then the P5MF spot will only be counted once.
  • The figures in the table are percentages in that continent. So if there are 45 EU<->EU spots on 20m on a total of 135 spots the figure in the 20mEU-EU square will be 33. So this does NOT indicate the total number of spots, only the proportion of spots at that moment.
    When you see a 0 in a square this means there have been spots in the last 15 minutes but the proportion is lower than 1%
  • The background color on the other hand also indicates the total number of spots. 0 spots in the last 15 minutes will be white, 255 spots or more will be dark red.
    => so the combination of the percentage and the color gives an idea of the band activity and activity in general.

Of course all suggestions or questions are welcome, you can send me email at ‘callsign’ @ (and of course you know what my callsign is).

This is my VERY first real project programmed in Python!

For now this software runs on a Windows PC in my shack a Raspberry Pi 3 model B. I can not guarantee this will be up 100%! And of course, this is provided as is, so no warranties whatsoever apply!