• The oscilloscope card seems to work very well indeed, played a little with it in the last few days. I also borrowed an accurate frequency counter (TNX again! Luc) so I could finally finish the alignment of the whole transceiver.
    So what’s the next step? I guess I’ll have to try and make a QSO? But therefore I’ll need to set up an antenna… Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow so I can set up the 40m vertical that’s been lying in my backyard for way to long now. And, please guys, if you hear some lousy CW on 40m tomorrow, please forgive me ecause my CW is –EXTREMELY– rusty!
  • added some links to the link page

K2 / Site update

  • For further testing of the K2 I got hold of an old
    oscilloscope card for a PC (TNX Luc ON7KZ!). But, as you can guess,
    there are no suitable slots in my modern PC so I spent most of the
    night setting up an old PIII (500 MHz) I found in my attic. You
    certainly know the feeling:”I must have some suitable RAM-modules in
    this box of junk, and where will I find a harddisk?”
    After I installed W98se (yes an official version!) I was too tired to
    try out the oscilloscope card.
  • Added the FAQ page and the disclaimer
  • Checked all pages for W3C compatibility
  • corrected some dead links

New website

So yes, I decided to start with this new website…
Do I have something interesting to tell you? Probably not but I’ll try anyway 😉

Don’t worry, most of the links on the left lead to -slightly- outdated pages but as soon as that changes I’ll let you know here! (slightly could mean a few years for the moment…). Moreover there are still a few dead links.