Python DX Spot analysis

Have you ever wondered where the activity on the ham bands is NOW? I have made a small Python program that receives the spots from RBN and puts the data in a table. Below you see the results for all continents.
If you only want to see your own continent, just click on, well, your continent 🙂 or go straight to the correct page in the menu above. The pages for the separate continents also give some more info on the way the calculations are done.

For now this all runs in beta so you can expect some bugs and some times where the system is not running. For the record, this is my very first Python program.

The calculations are done on a PC in my shack (running Windows 7 for now). a Raspberry Pi 3 model B. (update 14/06/2017)

For any comments, bug reports or questions you know how to reach me!


North America


South America